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Feb.2024 02
New DeepSix Less Bound, More Freedom

Marc Andreessenonce said:"Software is eating the world", why does software devour the world?because software iteration is fast and has great scale effect (high fixed cost and low variable cost).moving atoms is much more difficult than moving bits.


From smart phone Everything you see is now provided on a tiny device that fits in your pocket, to the virtual machines of cloud computing and today's artificial intelligence, bits defeat atoms and software continues to expand.

Stage laser industry has entered a new era:software-defined laser. Software algorithm is used to realize image fusion, thus breaking through the physical limitation of laser galvanometer scanning angle and realizing image effect in larger space. New DeepSix are applied under this background.



the traditional DMX laser lamp, the effect is often very single, because only its built-in laser effect can be called, which is easy to feel tired in the long run. For conventional single-head laser lamps, due to the limitation of the scanning angle of the galvanometer, one desk lamp cannot cover a larger range. However, today DeepSix will break these problems one by one!


DeepSix uses Truwave software control, so the advantages of software can be maximized. Truwave laser control software has built-in many practical functions, such as DMX mode single lamp single control, real-time automatic laser engraving, effect custom editing, etc. These functions redefine six lasers and show unprecedented stage effect and application mode.


DeepSix has six light outlets, each of which can display the effect through Truwave laser software control. When these six light outlets are superimposed on each other, they work together, thus breaking through the physical limitation of galvanometer scanning angle with software algorithm. On this basis, unlimited imagination can be used to create more wonderful moments.