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Feb.2024 02
Truwave laser control software made its debut at the opening ceremony of a large-scale national event!

"The 31st World University Summer Games in Chengdu, also known as the Chengdu Universiade, has become a global sports spectacle, attracting youth from around the world to showcase their athletic prowess. Gathered in Chengdu, a city blending ancient Shu civilization with modern popularity, these young athletes use their vitality to display the charm of sports.

The opening ceremony, directed by Chen Weiya, the most prolific artistic director of large-scale opening ceremonies in China, and lighting design led by Professor Yu Zhuo, showcased laser effects as an integral part of the overall lighting design. Thirty 40-watt full-color laser lights were used, and the domestically produced laser control software - Truwave Laser Control Software made its debut at a large-scale national event opening ceremony for the first time. This broke the monopoly of imported American laser software in national-level large-scale sports events for many years, bringing splendid effects to the opening ceremony. The appearance of Truwave Laser Control Software at the Chengdu Universiade owes much to the support of the directorial team, lighting team, and Ruifeng Culture!


As the laser effects production team, our company's team worked tirelessly day and night at the scene, contributing creative inspiration that added vibrant colors to this visual feast. Their professional skills and seamless coordination made the laser effects complement the overall stage aesthetic design, creating a mutual reflection with the overall visual performance on stage, presenting dreamlike scenes before the audience.

This successful application proves the reliability and stability of Truwave Laser Control Software. It not only sets a new milestone for Truwave software in its application field but also brings new honors to the team. Let's look forward to Truwave being used in more national-level events! On the stage filled with passion and creativity, Truwave software is sure to bring new brilliance to laser art!"