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Feb.2024 02
Truwave&ENTTEC, enables perfect synchronization of control signals

In stage art applications, an efficient and real-time control system plays a crucial role in presenting laser effects on the stage. However, due to the complexity of lighting control consoles and network systems in different application environments, problems such as network latency, frame dropouts, and signal conflicts often occur, which in turn affect the final presentation effect. Laser effects cannot be perfectly synchronized, resulting in greatly reduced visual effects and reduced user satisfaction.


ENTTEC is an LED control system company from Australia, and its DMX USB PRO is widely known as a benchmark product in the lighting industry. Shenzhen Damei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., as the general agent of ENTTEC in China, deeply integrates its Truwave laser control software with ENTTEC brand's DMX USB PRO and ODE MK3, providing comprehensive support in Truwave software and perfectly solving the delay problem of Art-Net.


◆ ENTTEC DMX USB PRO,classic choice, easy to access with simple settings

The ENTTEC DMX USB PRO is a classic choice, integrated into Truwave software for easy access through software algorithms with simple settings. The operation of this ENTTEC DMX USB PRO is very simple, making your laser effect seamless。

(System connection by ENTTEC DMX USB PRO)


◆ ENTTEC ODE MK3,high capacity, efficient and stable connection

ODE MK3 is a stable and reliable DMX converter that can instantly convert DMX signals into Art-Net signals through hardware algorithms. Therefore, for complex projects, ODE MK3 is your best choice. Through the webpage settings interface, save at once and use it immediately when powered on. A single ODE MK3 can support up to 2 universes simultaneously, which means that using this product, the signal output of 48 ShowTower or 24 Showbridge laser control interfaces can be indirectly controlled with lower latency. When multiple ODE MK3 networks are used, more laser signal outputs can be controlled.

((System connection by ENTTEC ODE MK3))


The plug-in for the DMX USB PRO has now completed internal testing and will be integrated into the next version of Truwave software. The settings for the ODE MK3 are more convenient, and can be permanently saved through a web browser interface. It can be adapted to Truwave laser software that is currently in use on the market without the need for software functional updates. The two products can support various types of lighting consoles, including but not limited to mainstream lighting consoles such as GrandMA2, GrandMA3, Avolites, and ChamSys.

Note: The product size ratio in the above image does not reflect the actual product volume