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  • BLClub10.0RGB
  • BLClub10.0RGB

10W High Power Laser Light For Wedding DJ Club Theater Performance stage

BLClub10.0RGB is based on diodes, so the beam specification will be presented perfectly. The logical design allows for a very soft and precise linear changing on the effects and power output. This laser is controlled by standard ILDA signals, and the powerful scanning control logic enables it to map the laser effect very precisely.
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  • BLClub10.0RGB
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BLClub10.0RGB uses a compact case sealing material, external power converter,backplate has a full-function adjustment potentiometer, which can easily adjust RGB ratio and XY reverse. With the additional SFS security feature, users can choose to turn on/off the single point protection function easily.

Model BLClub10.0RGB
Guaranteed  Power  ≥10W
Power Red  3.0W/638nm,Diodes
Power Green  3.5W/520nm,Diodes
Power Blue  3.5W/450nm,Diodes
Divergence  ≤1.0mrad
Beam  Specification  ca.≤6.0mm
Lifetime  >10000 hours
Laser Source  Diode,high  stability  and  color  performance
Scanner  40Kpps
Scan Angle  ±30°maximum
Weight  8.9Kg(The actual weight is based on the object)
Dimensions  265mm*233mm*170mm(L*W*H)
Operation  Modes  ILDA;DMX;SD-card  autoplay
Working  Temperature  -30~40℃
Power  Supply  AC  100~240V,50/60Hz
Power  Consumption  240W
Cooling System  Air   cooling&TEC
Protection  SFS
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