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  • BLPro10.0RGB
  • BLPro10.0RGB

Professional 10W RGB Laser Light System with high speed scanner and fiber coupled laser diode for stage performance and DJ party club

Discover the pinnacle of lighting technology with our Professional RGB Laser Light System, ideal for club and stage settings. This high-performance system offers vibrant, full-spectrum lighting that transforms any venue.
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  • BLPro10.0RGB
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Illuminate Your Space with Spectacular Colors

Bring your event to life with dynamic, colorful lighting that ensures a memorable experience.

High-Power RGB Output

Delivers intense, bright colors across a wide spectrum, from deep blues to vibrant reds.

Durable and Reliable

Built to last and perform flawlessly under rigorous use, ensuring reliability for all your events.

Why Choose Our Laser System?

Find out how our cutting-edge features can elevate your lighting setup.

The BLPro series is equipped with an analog modulation unit, and its high-speed scanning system enables complete and continuous output of a variety of graphics,making it suitable for a variety of professional laser applications. As an option, you can have the laser with built-in ShowTower and built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch (BLPro*RGBMAX). Through this built-in switch, it can realize the system construction of lasers in series with each other.

 Model  BLPro10.0RGB
Guaranteed Power  ≥10W
Power Red  2.5W/638nm,Diodes
Power Green  3.5W/520nm,Diodes
Power Blue  4.5W/450nm,Diodes
Lifetime  >10000 hours
Divergence  ≤1.0mrad
Beam Specification  ca.≤5.0mm
Laser Source  Diode,high stability and color performance
Scanner  40Kpps
Scan Angle  ±30°maximum
Weight  17Kg
Dimensions  240mm*345mm*207mm(L*W*H)
Operation Modes  ILDA;DMX;SD-card autoplay
Working Temperature  -30~40℃
Power Supply  AC 100~240V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption  300W
Cooling System  Air cooling &TEC
Protection  SFS

Who we are?
Guangzhou Damei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is renowned for its dedication to innovation and quality in the laser system industry. With a focus on advanced laser show services and technologies, Damei Optoelectronics delivers exceptional products designed to elevate user experiences across global markets.


Company Advantages

  • Innovative Leadership
  • Led by industry experts with over two decades of experience, ensuring cutting-edge product development.
  • Global R&D Team
  • A strong international research and development team drives continual technological advancements.

  • Customer-Centric Approach
  • Dedicated to providing superior customer service and open to collaborative opportunities to meet client needs effectively.
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